New Oryx movie with Sadio Mané

2 November 2021

Release of our new Oryx movie, directed by Julien Rocher, is today!

With this movie and through the exceptional participation of our brand ambassador, SADIO MANÉ, we promote our brands, our products and Africa.

This movie favors the energy, that of today, of tomorrow, that of the men and women of Africa, and all their images which are highlighted by this movie and our slogan: "ORYX, POWERED BY AFRICA"

It is addressed to a young Africa at its full speed, which exceeds the expectations, and is raised by this energy, modern and respectful of its roots.

Additionally, our technical filming crew and actors came from the continent to reiterate its force and message.

(Re)discover our products and our newly ORYX branded service station in the vibrant and colorful scenes. This energy comes from here. It comes from Africa. And vibrates in each of us.

Visit our Oryx Energies Youtube channel, our dedicated page and our local Facebook accounts: OryxEnergies [NameOfTheCountry] for the video.