Products and Services

Oryx Energies aims to respond to the energy needs of consumers and businesses across sub-Saharan Africa, by providing a series of reliable and quality products and services, including fuels, LPG and lubricants.

We have built one of the region's most extensive and integrated downstream platforms, mastering the value chain from the purchase of the physical products on the open market through our trading arm (Addax Energy) to their storage, blending, distribution and on-site management, where required.

Since 1989, Oryx Energies has developed a number of bulk storage terminals across East and West Africa, including Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Calabar (Nigeria), Freetown (Sierra Leone), Cotonou (Benin) and Dakar (Senegal). These facilities support our aim of providing a reliable supply of oil products and services to coastal nations and the landlocked countries beyond. It does this through its network of over 20 affiliates and commercial partners, which deploy smaller storage units and professional logistics networks, to ensure fuels, lubricants and LPG reach consumers and industries across the continent.

The advantage of this model is our ability to ensure both the reliability and quality of the products and services we provide, in a region where we know that availability, quality and price are key.