Trading & Bunkering

Oryx Energies has a dedicated trading and bunkering arm, Addax Energy, which was formed in 1987.

Our trading team sources crude oil and refined products on the open market from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, and supplies them to our downstream activities, as well as third parties. Liquid hydrocarbons remain a primary energy source today whether in the form of fuels (such as petroleum, gasoline or jet fuel), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (primarily butane and propane), oils (for making lubricants) or bitumen (for building roads). Around the world, hydrocarbons are central to powering engines and turbines for a host of applications including transportation (road, air and sea) as well as being used for heating, cooking, power generation, construction and many other things.

Our bunkering team supplies fuels, marine lubricants and other specialised services, offshore and on the high seas across sub-Saharan Africa. It services a diversified portfolio of customers: commercial vessels, fishing fleets, offshore platforms and their associated industries. 

To achieve this, it deploys a fleet of specialized bunkering barges managed by cutting edge chartering and bunker operations entities within Oryx Energies. The service leverages Oryx Energies’ facilities at strategic locations along the coasts of Africa, ensuring a seamless service from product sourcing to delivery.

With a focus on quality and reliability from sourcing to delivery, it guarantees product quality, quantity and availability, high levels of service, specialised crews, fleet and floating storage, Operations 24/7 and an ability to supply by barge, and for specific regions, ex pipe and by trucks 

Since December 2014, Oryx Energies has also been operating its own newly-built state-of-the-art oil terminal at Las Palmas, in Spain's Canary Islands. Dedicated to distillates and heavy fuel oil, the facility has a storage capacity of 220,000 m3 and access to a long deep water jetty. The terminal enables Oryx Energies to control its sourcing and supply of fuels for its own affiliates across West Africa thanks to its trading arm.

Lately, Oryx Energies in 2019 acquired the majority stake of SAMF (South Africa Marine Fuel), strategically placed in Algoa Bay to target busy East-West commercial routes, offshore bunkering license and ship service operations targeting both port calling ships and general passing traffic.

And from 2020, Oryx Energies commissions the extension of its oil terminal in Dar Es Salaam. The use of a break bulk facility for the inland East Africa country flows and affiliates, Oryx tankage platform in Tanzania and Rwanda, is a key component of our trading footprint with close to 300,000 m3.

This model has made us one of the most experienced, reliable and extensive independent energy providers in Africa.

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