A comprehensive range of lubricants

We have been manufacturing and selling a complete range of high quality automotive, marine and industrial lubricants, since 1999, to meet the needs of businesses and consumers across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our range of lubricants and greases is developed at our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The range is rigorously tested in Geneva under the most severe conditions, so that we, and our customers, can be assured of their quality. We have also developed proprietary formulations with unique performance characteristics and the expertise to customise products to meet specific customer requirements.

We are proud of our reputation for innovative and high quality lubricants, approved by manufacturers and certified by international technical committees.

Our lubricants are manufactured in Africa, close to our customers, through our wholly-owned lubricant blending plants in Tanzania and Togo.

As part of Oryx Energies' integrated oil and gas supply, storage and distribution model, our lubricants benefit from easy access to international markets through our trading and shipping arms and from our unique network of affiliates, infrastructure and logistics across sub-Saharan Africa. This enables us to manage the entire value chain, from the source right into the remotest areas of the region, to meet customer needs.

We also provide our business clients with technical and logistical expertise and a wide range of services, to ensure you can focus on what you do best.

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