Oryx Energies to build state-of-the-art petroleum jetty in Sierra Leone

24 April 2014

Oryx Energies is to build a new state-of-the-art petroleum jetty at Sierra Leone’s key import and export facility, the Kissy Oil Terminal, in the country’s capital Freetown. The construction contract was just finalised.

“We are very pleased that the project is moving ahead, giving Sierra Leone the opportunity to better serve the needs of its population and its growing business community,” said Thierry Genthialon, Oryx Energies’ Managing Director, Assets and Business Development. “A large, modern jetty built to international standards is the necessary opening to the outside world that the country needs to attract new investments and create job opportunities,” he added.

Oryx Energies signed a concession agreement with Sierra Leone’s authorities in October 2013 and the agreement was ratified by the country’s parliament in February 2014. The agreement grants Oryx Energies’ local affiliate, Petrojetty Company Limited, the right to design, construct and operate a new jetty for the import and export of petroleum products, edible oils and bioethanol. The new jetty will ensure that all companies in the sector – distributors, importers and exporters – have access to the modern facilities on the same terms. The agreement is for a period of 21 years after which the facilities will revert to Sierra Leone’s Port Authority.

The USD 40-million project is expected to be completed by early 2015 and will enable the country to receive larger and more modern oil tankers for the import and export of products. The 50-year-old existing jetty prevents the country from accessing international markets efficiently and economically. It is also subject to restrictions that limit the import of the fuel supplies that are so essential to the country’s development.

The project will also provide export facilities for the bioethanol produced by Oryx Energies’ sister company, Addax Bioenergy, a pioneering project that is to begin production of sugarcane bioethanol shortly.

Oryx Energies has been operating in Sierra Leone since 2003, through Petrol Leone, a joint venture with Leonoil. It manages oil storage facilities in the port of Freetown, one of the largest natural ports in Africa, supplying fuels for the local market.

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