Tanzania: Oryx Energies launches shops dedicated to lubricants

14 June 2016

Oryx Energies has opened an “Oryx Lube Shop” in Iringa, in southern Tanzania, marking the sixth store exclusively dedicated to its lubricants that has been opened in the country since July 2015.

The lubricants market in Tanzania has been facing the challenge of poor quality, counterfeit lubricating oils, which has a damaging effect on the country’s vehicles, economy (including lost tax revenues) and the environment.

“The objective is to make our high quality lubricants easily accessible to customers, ensuring that they are buying genuine Oryx Energies lubricants at competitive prices,” said Godfrey Fernandes, director of Oryx Energies’ lubricants business in Tanzania. “We have seen significant growth in sales at our lube shops since their launch, as customers recognize the value of buying directly from the stores and franchisee entrepreneurs work hard to make their business a success,” he added. Stores have been opened in Kariakoo, Mwanza, Songea, Arusha, Dar es Salaam and most recently Iringa.

The initiative makes available the full range of Oryx Energies lubricants for vehicles and industrial uses at Oryx Energies’ owned, franchisee operated stores. Oryx Energies recruits franchisees and provides training and assistance to grow their business. At each store, customers receive guidance from a trained attendant in the selection of the correct lubricating oil for their vehicle. This model grants direct access to high quality lubricants, while supporting the development of small businesses around the country.

Oryx Energies is one of Africa’s largest and longest-established independent providers of oil and gas products and services. It has been present in Tanzania since 1999 and is the country’s market leader in lubricants, with an estimated market share of over 20%.

Oryx Energies has been continuously investing and expanding in Tanzania, and owns one of the few lubricant blending plants in the country, where it has been producing a wide range of high quality lubricants for over 15 years. The facility supplies lubricants to the domestic market, where customers include industries such as construction, mining, transport and marine companies, as well as resellers and retail outlets, including Oryx Energies own service stations across the country. The company also exports to neighboring countries, such as Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, DRC and Rwanda, and blends and packages products on behalf of third parties, including oil majors.