We are entrepreneurial investors and share the operating principles and cultural values that drive the success of all AOG companies.

In particular, we aim to be Alert, Principled and Adaptable. These are the values that define and unite AOG people and shape the way we do business:


We thrive on a challenge and are known for taking bold, yet carefully calculated, risks. Not surprisingly, we avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and do not let institutional dogma slow us down.


We are shrewd operators, but we never compromise our principles, which are based on strong ethics and mutual respect. We are fair, honest, direct and transparent in our dealings and do not tolerate prejudice, discrimination or dishonesty.


We have a talent for developing new areas of business, and we are at ease in diverse and changing environments and cultures. Our ability to adapt is vital to our business success and enables us to integrate locally, without compromising our principles, our global outlook and long-term vision.

AOG values: alert, principled, adaptative