LPG solutions

We provide businesses with LPG cylinder and bulk solutions, advice on optimising energy consumption and costs, as well as full on-site services.

LPG cylinders

LPG cylinders are easily transported and are the ideal option for a range of applications.

Oryx Energies cylinders range in size from 3kg to 48kg. They fully meet safety requirements and undergo strict and regular quality controls, as part of the HSSEQ policies that are applied across our business.

Thanks to our network of strategic and distributed LPG storage and filling installations across sub-Saharan Africa, we have a reputation for the consistently high quality and reliability of our cylinders, product supply and services, wherever you are. And our teams of sales and technical experts ensure an LPG service 24h a day.

Whether you are operating fork-lift trucks or working in the catering industry, we have the right solution that will enable you to focus on your business.


Bulk LPG

Bulk LPG is a practical and cost-efficient solution for many business applications.

We have the expertise to design and install the LPG storage tanks that best suit customer needs. Above ground or underground tanks can provide a reliable energy at a reasonable cost. And our teams of sales and technical experts ensure an LPG service 24h a day.

Using bulk LPG has a number of everyday advantages:

Reduced costs :

  • Benefit of reduced, bulk pricing
  • Pay for the volume ordered or for what you use (metered readings).

Continuous supply :

  • Consignment stock on your premises
  • The reliability of supply that comes with Oryx Energies' investments in strategic storage and import capabilities.

Other benefits :

  • No handling of cylinders required
  • No need to be present for LPG deliveries, billing is meter-based.

Free mini bulk services :

  • FREE maintenance on LPG equipment (maintenance program)
  • FREE on-loan LPG installation
  • FREE on-site basic LPG safety training
  • FREE licensing and registration of your LPG facility
  • FREE energy audit to implement additional energy cost and management reductions in your business.